Currently I Am |1


Currently I’m sitting on my bed listening to Feel No Way by Drake

Grateful to God for life and the people and things I’m priviledged to have.

Missing the little fun I had during the Summer

Hoping to  get a new phone before December ending. Hopefully an IPhone 6plus or a Gionee A1 plus

Wishing I had a personal photographer *winks

Planning how life is going to be when I get into Higher Institution

Improving on my designing skills. Gotta make it better so as to stand out.

Wondering how people obsess over certain things. I’ve tried it but it doesn’t really work for me.

Imagining how life would be if I resided in Lagos State, therefore,

Looking forward to visiting Lagos soon.

PhotoCredit Ifeoma Nwobu

Working on a little something for my upcoming birthday in November.

Admiring the way the colour Gold, Nude and Rose Pink fits my skin so well. My fav colours now.

Loving the trending details of bell hands, ruffles and pleats on dresses. So chic!

Amazed at how much weight I’ve added in the period of 1 year. I’m not interested again, Kim K’s body loading…..

Crushing on “Daddy Yo” and some of ShopMaju’s recent designs, totally fab! You should definitely check out their Instagram Page.

Disappointed at how people make promises they know they can’t keep, seriously why though?

Unhappy at how lazy and inconsistent I am. Gats to work had now.

Waiting on my birthday and Christmas like Ooh la la

Presently my first Currently I am Tag that I wrote about earlier this year.


That’s Daddy Yo up there holding my money for me.


I’m really in need of this attitude and mood.

Have a wonderful week guys.

Until next time



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