The Interview With Lilian II

Hello lovely readers, hope y’all are Gucci cause I’m Mane.

Today’s Interview is with a DJ. Funny enough, I didn’t know the full meaning of a DJ if not until today. So, let me start by saying, what is a party without a DJ? Exactly, jamless. He is someone who has gone places with his work and still looks forward to going places, I have with me DJ Tizzy, baddest Dj in the city of Lokoja, Kogi State.

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Lilian: Hello Tizzy, would mind telling our lovely readers your full name cause I’m pretty sure more than half of them only know you as “DJ Tizzy”?

Tizzy: My Real Name is Godwin Mustapha Chief.

Lilian: Nice name for a promising young talent. Your Religious background and you hail from which part of Kogi State?

Tizzy: I was a born Muslim, but somehow my family got converted to Christianity and now I’m a converted Christian. I’m an indigene of Edo state but born and brought up in kogi state.

Lilian: Mind telling us your age? Don’t be shy.

Tizzy: Lol” sure ! I clocked 26″ sept 3rd this year

Lilian: What Institution do you attend and what course do you offer?

Tizzy: I’m a student of Kogi State Polytechnic, studying Public administration, in management studies

Lilian: Shocking how your field of study doesn’t really have anything to do with music

Tizzy: Hmmmm, yeah I never really intended to take entertainment to this extent, even while i was studying but somehow I just discovered I can’t really stay out of this thing I’ve found love in doing so I had other choice than to just create more joy in doing them both “Studying outside my musical career”

Lilian: So tell us, what does the acronym DJ stand for? Not so many of us know the meaning.

Tizzy: Disck Jokey

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Lilian: What brought about this talent of yours and what has been your motivation so far.

Tizzy: From my childhood i’ve been a lover of music, and also Musical instruments. To an extent Dad bought me a full drumset when I was 10 and that actually boost up my inspiration into learning other instruments like the keyboard and the bass guitar which I own.

Lilian: How have you been able to combine school work and DJ’ing?

Tizzy: Not really easy though. If i\I must say, I think that it’s God, because sometimes I just wonder how I don’t get to have events when I’m having a busy schedule in School. And even if it occurs that wouldn’t make me disappoint my customer and my fans rather, I’d skip the school activity. Not for the money but for the love of music and Dj’ing.

Lilian: You also sing?

Tizzy: I can’t say I sing. But I can boldly say I know the rythments of music to an extent, cause I can actually tell when a music or tone is bad, and when you’re of your key or octave. Yeah

Lilian: Nice, from the little research I made about you, I hear that you also help young and talented upcoming artistes within the state, how true is that?

Tizzy: Yes I wouldn’t say that’s not true. Because often time some of them come to me and be like “Dj Tizzy I want you to listen to my song, how can you help me get it heard by your fans” and if the song is actually good, I’ll encourage them and do the little promo i    can just to make sure they feel encouraged and also give them platform to perform at my shows.

Lilian: Oh wow, how interesting. You host shows of your own too?

Tizzy:  Yes! sometimes twice in a year I make sure I do a show where upcoming Artistes, Dancers & Comedians would be given chances to showcase their Talent.

Lilian: How successful were the turnouts?

Tizzy: The turnout is always massive.

Lilian: That’s really cool you know. Seems your friends and fans have been really supportive too.

Tizzy: Yes and I can never stop thanking them for believing in me.

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Lilian: I also heard that you charge a lot?

TizzyHeheheheheh! Not at all, the simple truth is; if you need a Good Dj you should be ready to pay for a good job. That’s what I think.

Lilian: Lol, but very true though. Before we round up, what’s your thought on the trending #Onecornerdance challenge?

Tizzy: To me that’s not a song People should dance to because such songs do not pass good messages.

Lilian: Honestly, I don’t disagree with you. Mind telling us if there are any upcoming artistes we should look out for?

Tizzy: Lots and lots of them . Even within and outside this state, I think very soon the Old stars will fall dim and the Young stars will light up.

Lilian How about a drop down of the events you would be hosting before the year runs out?

Tizzy: Still working on it. I think that will be towards the end of the last month of the year. But no date yet.

Lilian: Thank you very much Tizzy. Do you have anything to say to your fans and my readers?

Tizzy: I really want to say  a big thank you to my friends, fans and family for their love, prayers and support. I promise to keep up the good work. God bless you all.

So guys you’ve heard it all from DJ Tizzy, you can contact him on the following numbers:  08139030336, 08111833611

As well as his Social pages:

Facebook: Djtizzy Godwin
Instagram: @dejaytizzy
Twitter : @dejaytizzy
Whatsapp: 08139030336

And Email;

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He’ll reply your DM’s, he’s quite humble. For Interview sections with me please leave a comment or drop a mail

Until next time on The Interview With Lilian



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