Random Things|June

Happy New Month guys

I hope y’all are already enjoying this month, mine hasn’t started yet. So, I basically want to talk about random things today.

The month of June was one hectic month, no fun, so much work, stress and lotta not so nice news on the internet. The savagery on twitter was real, Nigerians are just so somehow….lol

I have a lot of blog posts in my draft but I really don’t feel like publishing any of them. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve tried out so many things, gone places but it feels like I haven’t done enough.

Being me isn’t easy at all, one has to be strong both mentally and physically. I really thank God for the few people who have come with me thus far. I dropped some people along the way while others dropped me. I have only but a few new people right now.

Life really isn’t easy but I thank God for everything. Before I go I’m gonna drop a few songs that have been on replay on my phone since the past month,

HIGH– Wavythecreator

Let Me Tell You-Wavythecreator and Youngdeji

Mine-Nonso Amadi

Suicidalย -Nonso Amadi

Wild Thoughts-Rihanna & Bryso Tiller


Bon Appetite- Katy Perry ft Migos… can’t type again, lemme stop here.

Must Watchย If you know Migos and Future then this video is a must watch, I couldn’t help but laugh at it. Click on the link, it’s a 39 seconds vid.

New DIY’s coming up, even better posts too. Well, ladies and gentle have a wonderful week and month ahead.

Until next time



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