My name is Princess Serbia Wilson .
I am a Student, Entrepreneur, Fashion //Lifestyle Influencer, Event Planner and many more.
I have always been independent since I was 14.
I faced a lot of challenges with people understanding me and all of that. I remember vividly in secondary school, I had issue with some people concerning a boy, it was funny but I went through a lot .
Growing up I started my first clothing line(Wilseb ventures) in SS1 and registered it when I was in SS3 .
Some people discouraged me telling me I am unserious but I never repeated a class or had any carryover in ABUAD. I knew where I came from and I disciplined myself so well.
  I was conscious of my future. I knew where I was going.. I got scammed last year of 128k for my second clothing line (savage brand) which changed to (savagebyserbia) because I said to myself I can’t give up so easily after being scammed, so I started making kimonos and I succeeded even if it took me a lot. I starved to survive .
It was so hard, then I started the kimonos with the remaining 20k left with me and I got about 50k… I was so grateful so I continued till I finally stopped after I left Afe Babalola University .
Getting into Unilag diploma, it was so hard to cope with the calibers of people ..But I scaled through.
I was also working as an intern but was sacked, LOL because I’ didn’t go to work on a Friday to my JAMB. I really don’t think some people deserve me. The truth about it all is, I left the internship.
I faced my own business which was the thrifthouse by SEW. LOL, the meaning of SEW is Serbia ENE Wilson .
I am making waves. Someone created an account for me on IG calling me fake Yaba girl. I was so happy because it strengthened me for more achievements. I am actually a very difficult person to understand. I love that because it makes me stronger and hard for enemies to get me down.
I really don’t care about people but I care about their independence .
The funniest part Is when my  haters buzz me to help them and I gladly do it and they stay famzing but I always make it clear to their face. Life is not like that…
Anything that goes around comes around
Imagine if I had closed my Thrifthouse by SEW, I won’t have any money to do my Fiesta which is on a high budget and I don’t have sponsors.
I really thank myself for courage to push harder.

This is MY VOICE, This is MY STORY
You can always follow me on IG for help and ideas @serbia_w

Thank you #voiceoftheyouth

Our first Story, Our first Voice. Thank you Serbia for your contribution and support.

Join this Movement Now! Send us a Story, an Experience or Challenge you face. Share with us that Topic you really want to discuss. This is Voice Of The Youth.


7 thoughts on “SERBIA’S VOICE

  1. Ada nzewi says:

    I am proud to be sort of Serbia ‘s story ..She is a great girl and I pray for more strength to her to keep fluorishing in all she does


  2. makoglow says:

    Really inspiring story… I also noticed her on Instagram and I admire how she stands out… Never stop being who you are Serbia and Lili stargazer wonderful idea with the voice of the youth


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