Voice Of The Youth

On a rainy Friday evening in my kitchen, making jollof rice #naijajollof for the fam, an idea popped up into my head. This was around 6pm in the evening. Now this idea came up due to the many indirect complains many teens and youths make on Instagram and Twitter, basically on Social Media. They try to let us know about it but as you know, those platforms have their text limitations and all. So I thought, why not give them a Voice. On here, they’ll be able to voice out whatever they’ve been piling up  and they’ll also be able to express themselves with images.

What is this Voice About

Giving them a Voice: I want to try my possible best to give these teens and youths a Voice to come plain about whatever they feel might be the struggle and challenges they have faced or might be facing, also to pour out their minds about different topics and c. It sure isn’t easy being a teen/youth ‘speaking from experience. There are a lot of up’s and down’s, hates and criticisms but you gotta be strong. Your story might help someone out there with a similar case. So let’s hear/read your story and the advice you would like to give. It’s gonna be very simple;

  • Email me your Full name, Age, School name and Level. Basically your data.
  • Your story/complains/challenges/experiences
  • Your advice
  • Your Social Media accounts
  • Finally, share the link to your friends so that they can read it and share it on.

I’m going to start first by E-mailing some few people and let’s see how it goes. You can drop me a mail at my Email Address with the details listed above. Write it the way you want it to be published and I’ll see to it that it is published rightly.

So, tell your friends out there who you feel need a Voice to holla at me.

Help me start this little thing of mine, help me grow it into something real big. God bless you and ILYSM

I wonder who the first person would be, sit tight and let’s wait. DON’T IGNORE



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