Hot Girl Stalker on IG

Original post: Had to delete the recent pictures and upload new ones. Decided to appreciate the beauty at home than abroadヘ(^_^)ヘ


On my Instagram page, I follow 70% hot girls than hot boys. This is because I rather drool over how perfect her makeup is, how good she looks in that dress, how pretty her hair looks than how sexy his body is. I feel to appreciate the beauty and grace in the girl than the body, looks and accent the boy possesses.

This gets me every time, I’ve gotta ask, like;

Why you looking so pretty?



Why your makeup be so on point?Ronke Raji 

Where’d you get that fine ass dress from? Damn! Those shoes♡♡

Grace Alex

Who took the damn photo?

Ifeoma Amadi

Like, so many questions to ask.

Obviously, they all look so fine. I feel like these chicks accounts gonna help me in my time of need. Okay, one day I’m gonna need a look to put on but I’m down with nothing, I don’t want something to much or too less, then I’ll be going through the feeds on IG and I’m gonna see this lil chick slaying a nice makeup and I’m gonna be like; Thank you Lord for this revelation. You get what I mean right?
For the boys, you don’t really add much sause to my life, but if you’re fine as hell and got  your pictures lit and your feeds well themed, then yasss bruh! ♡♡


Relatable or Not? Until next time 


Drafted 7:12 Dec 2th, 2016


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