Appreciation||Post 1

Hello world,

Happy Easter to y’all. I’m re-writing this post after losing the first draft. I legit feel like crying right now. Though all hope is not lost, the idea came outta my brain, that same brain shall it come forth from.

Well, I’ve decided to make today’s post an appreciation to all the lovely people out there who have in their own little way shown support to me and stood as a guide and an inspiration. I’m so grateful to God for you all. Some of you, I haven’t met in person but still, I wish to do so someday in the nearest future. I’m going to be dropping links to pages and Instagram links as well. Take your time to visit them.

I’m going to start first by appreciating God’s grace in my life.

Then, to all my ex class and school mates/ teachers, God bless you enormously.

To my lazy and annoying best friends, muahhh. I hope we stay friends for a long time.

To all the boys who have knowingly and unknowingly caused me premature headache and troubles (rolls eyes), God bless you. lol

To all the bloggers with whom I have chatted with on different basis, may your sources of inspiration enlarge greatly and may your resources be ever sufficient.

{Thesvnflwr} {Iamyeychi} {Valerie} {Loladee} {Sola (owner of Shop_sola)} {Jennifer Amani} {Cynthia Nyongesa} {Lola Omonaija} {Tolania} {Kiitana (hair guru)} {Ronkeraji (MUA)} {Jemimah Achimugu}

Not forgetting all those blessed hands, the wonderful and industrious youths who have in their own way tried to make a name for themselves, more grace to your elbows.

{Couture_et_vogue} {Purchase ur glasses} {Click to download Aybee’s audio} {Shop in Lokoja} {Shop accessories } {Shop ankara wears} {bellonewears clothing brand} {Already used designers bag} {The bloggers point}

I want to commend on the adorable couple that I’ve been following up for months now (Kiki & Jay) on Youtube, may you two end up married IJN, Amen. their youtube channel and Ig Page

To all those fine boys and girls on IG that keeps making my feed saucy, more slayage to your pockets. Keep slaying!

{Maxwell Chinedu} {Tonigram} {Seun Logan} {Ifeoma Nwobu} {Sharon Ephraim} {Nyanelebajoa}  {Favour Opara} {Diana Eneje}{Remi} {SavageSoul} {Lesakingaf} {Nay} {Peace Ebene} {T. anaka} {Zara} {Serbia} {Jamal}

To the God sent people (both those I’ve met and those I haven’t) who have stood as an inspiration to me and have supported me in their little way, may God enlarge your coast.

To all my friends at DTC and also to the students of Unilorin, success shall never depart from you  all, Amen!

And lastly, to the beautiful people who thought I may have forgotten about them, a big thank you to y’all.

I hope to meet new people along the way who would be willing to assist me. God bless you all, Amen! Make sure to click on all the links above, they won’t cost you much. Thank you!!!

Until next time




12 thoughts on “Appreciation||Post 1

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