Blocked Relatives on FB

Happy Weekend Guys. I wanna say a big thank you to everyone who read my last post and made a contribution to it,  have fun while reading this one. 

Okay, this is quite funny.

I’ve noticed that 70% of teenagers block their relatives on FB (like, their family members and relations). It is really funny  but I don’t blame them.

First, if I didn’t understand this well, I would have asked, what are you hiding? Or are you doing some really bad things there that you wouldn’t  want your family members and relatives to see?  But because I understand, I’m saying it is quite annoying to have some of them on FB.

Cons: First of all, one relative will come from nowhere and start asking you about your mummy and your daddy in the “comment box”. We have messenger oo, but that isn’t enough. They’ll even go as far as posting it on your wall Lilian, how is your brothers? not even ‘are’. 

They are the ones that’ll tag you in some  kind of unreasonable posts.  You’d come online to find notifications of different tags from one relative.

That’s not all, every little thing you post on your wall is under inspection, The new Facebook Inspection App. Someone will not rest again. When they see you in person, they’ll start preaching to you as if you committed abortion or impregnated a chicken. πŸ˜‚

Pros: The good thing about them is, they are sure likers. They will like whatever you post. If you don’t get likes from other people, theirs is sure. If your relatives are not like this, please order new ones from Konga ASAP (p.s fast delivery) lol

Who else can relate and why did you block that relative of yours? 

Until next time



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