Stripped Diary|Monochrome 1

Happy New Month to all my lovely followers, fans and supporters. The beginning of yet another wonderful month in 2017. May this month bring good news and better outcomes,  Amen. 

I’ll start first by saying welcome to DTC members and thank you.  Today’s post is dedicated to y’all at DTC.

I haven’t posted in two weeks and it feels like two months, been busy preparing myself for my approaching exams (a lie I tell myself) and also building ideas to develop my blog. 

I fell in love with a material I found in the market, it is a bold monochrome stripped material, looking so fine. I decided I was going to put myself to the test and sew something lovely out of it. First thing that came to mind was a wide leg jumpsuit but I decided to make it into a blouse and trouser. 


I made the trouser but I got help from my grandma (she’s a pro seamstress) and she made the top. I styled this design of mine in three ways

Puhleaseee ☝
The Boss Lady❤
Cash me outside👉
Condition made crayfish bend ☝


This is it,  thanks to the photographer who did me well. I’m really excited, another piece to my Chic et Classic collection. Hope to be consistent this month. 

Until next time


Which look seems better? 


10 thoughts on “Stripped Diary|Monochrome 1

  1. fab says:

    beauty queen of the south u look divine in your trilling outfit remain blessed @fab

    at took my time just to look at this thinking its will be OK and then am now Dumbfounded

    Liked by 1 person

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