Shoe lover

And so, every lady needs Shoes. Shoe love is true love. Who agrees with me?

Happy New Month guys. February was good, this month will be better surely. On to the post of this week which is the love of shoes.  Personally, the shoe is one of the most important part of any dressing. To be honest, before I conclude my likes on any boy, I first observe, compare and contrast on his shoes before concluding that I fancy him, so if by chance you’re a boy who is eyeing me, you should better take this advice and work on your shoes. One more thing, you either put on converse of any kind or type, or your cooperate shoes should glow, don’t put on a dull shoe expecting me to like you and even if i do, it certainly won’t last long. Another thing, as a girl, we can’t be very good friends if your shoes are not lendable. Tsk (rolls eyes), why be friends if your fashion taste is poor. Pardon me but that’s me for you.

Back to the matter, the images below are just a few of the shoes I own, I specifically love this ones. I didn’t even know I had a Zara Basic not until last month.

Zara Basic Collection
Donna Karan New York
Tory Burch

Quote: Good shoes takes you to good places. Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life.

I purchased these shoes from Styn Foot-wares, he imports really nice shoes and they worth their prices. He also sells males shoes so he is obviously a dealer in both men and women foot-wares. You can contact him on this number for more enquiries and purchases                 Tel: 08162106021, 09026047023

So, until next time




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