DIY Two Piece Swimsuit| Swimming Fever 

Happy Weekend to you all.

I’m SUPER excited. Today’s blog post is solely about the two-piece swimsuit I made for myself. It wasn’t planned, I simply saw a picture of a lady putting on a two-piece swimsuit so I decided that I’d make one for myself since i own non. I opened my wardrobe and miraculously, a legging fell right on my arms. I took that as a sign to immediately make a swimsuit out of it.

Making a two-piece swimsuit, you’d require the following materials.

  • A sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • A legging
  • A sharp pair of scissors
  • A tape rule
  • A piece of white chalk
  • Some pins
  • An old brazier
  • A chewing gum

Note: The chewing gum is to keep you busy, this DIY might last you 30 mins if you’re good with a sewing machine, if not, then 1 hr, you have to be good with the sewing machine so as to enable you speed up the work. You can use needle and thread in place of the sewing machine but make sure to make the seams very small.

  • First, you need to mark the sides for cutting on your  leggings with your chalk. Be sure of your cuttings, for safety sake you can make use of an underwear of yours but be sure to make it look like the one in the image below.

  • Cut the cloth with a sharp scissors and make sure you leave out an inch so as to make the hem neat.
  • Take the cut out part to the sewing machine and fold the edges so that it won’t fray out.
  • Now your swim pant is down, this can also be used as .
  • The left out pieces from the legging is now going to be used as the jumper or second piece.
  • First, make sure to take the measurement of your bust properly. Mine is 34, divided by 2 is  17. I didn’t make the front 17, since the material is stretchy I held one end of the leggings and stretched it to get 17. Make sure to mark it, when you then measure it, you’d have less than 17, I got 12. I left out an inch which made it 13 for the hem.

    Note: The leggings was designed to fit a leg not top so you’d have to sow the extra parts to make it straight not slant.

    • Now get that old brazier of yours and cut out the pad in it, you can get a bra pad for a tailor’s shop if you don’t have an old brazier to use. When you get the pad out, cut it to fit your bust. I just cut round the edges so that it could fit into the leg of the leggings.
    • Put in both bra cups/pad into one leg  of the leggings and then tack once or twice with your needle and thread so that it can be stable.
    • Get the other leg or piece of the leggings and sew it properly to the one with the bra pads/cups.
    • Cut out any extra pieces or thread.
    • Your swimsuit is now ready to be use/styled.

    Now you have something you can wear to the pool to hangout with friends on weekends. Do try this and give me a feedback, if you encounter any problem while trying it out, don’t hesitate to let me know.

     Also, if you want a piece like mine, you can simply hit me up on Facebook  Gmail:

    Make sure to come back next Friday. Until next time





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