Hello to y’all! inserts a lil dance

It’s Friday, technically Friyay! I was wondering what I’d post this week and nothing came to mind so I decided to do a little challenge. But before I start, I’d like to enlighten you guys on the basis of the Challenges. You’d notice that there are a lot of challenges that have gone viral on the internet and every YouTuber, Blogger, IG page owner (technically everyone that has an account on any of the  social media platforms) engage or try out one or more of these challenges.  This has made me come to conclusion that I’m going to be doing a whole lot of them from now on and if you’re interested, you can also participate or try it along with me. I promise to share yours if it’s cool and legit for audience visualization. Alright, so below are a list of challenges that I’d be doing, as time goes on I’ll be adding more to the list, so stay tuned or keep your fingers crossed…whatever! Let’s get down to it

  • Say anything
  • Dirty mind challenge
  • Speed drawing challenge
  • The whisper challenge
  • Internet slang challenge
  • Blindfolded Makeup Challenge
  • Boyfriend does my makeup challenge
  • Blindfolded drawing challenge
  • Currently I am
  • A 30 day challenge
  • Garlic challenge

These are the only ones that I have taught of for now, in due time you’ll be seeing them and even more. Let’s hope for the best this year. Until then



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