Tales from Thrifting 

I’m sitting on my bed taking in water like it’s a  mouth burning alcohol. I’m drowning in sadness and regret, asking God why he would allow such a thing to happen to me.

On January 7th 2017, 4:35pm. 

I was so excited because it was going to be my first thrift shopping and I was going to make it big. I was shopping for my blogging materials which included clothes, shoes , bags, jewelries, sun shades, hats, head warmers, socks, belts, beads and other different materials needed for my DIY’s.

It was a boring ride to Onitsha main market, I was calm and lost in thoughts of the many things I was going to buy, what i was going to use them for and  how they would profit me.I had to go with an aunt of mine because I had no idea what the market looked like and even where to go. When the bus arrived at the market, I couldn’t get my eyes off the side kiosk and the many things they had in them, I was super excited. When I got off the bus, I was fully ready to begin,. I was ready to shop. I had already began, was going through different shops looking for something that caught my eyes. i saw some, picked them up, was about to pay when i noticed my purse wasn’t in the leather bag I had kept it ( mood changes) I said to myself, “calm down and search properly” after doing that, it wasn’t still there. Then it hit me, I had been robbed.

Okay, this is no joke, where in God’s name did it go and who took it. I then realized that the woman who stood behind me while i was with the leather bag took it. But how come, “it was just here, I saw it just now”. I turned my head for a minute and it was gone. I was doomed to earth, my savings, all of it was gone.

It was my first time of being robbed off of such an amount of money not to add, the other important things I had in my purse. I couldn’t even cry, I was too chic to let tear drops ruin my make up,  but I was hurt. I had plans for Christ sakes, creative and productive plans. All of it was gone.

I entered a bus back home, I couldn’t help but regret why I had embarked on that uneventful adventure. God saw it, he knows why it turned out that way. Therefore, let it all be to his glory.

Two days later I got an anonymous call that my purse was found. I was filled with joy, though there was no money inside, all my other valuables were intact. Isn’t it all just God’s doing. Hmm, all is well.

You’ll be hearing from me soon.




6 thoughts on “Tales from Thrifting 

  1. KoKo says:

    Aww, sorry babe💋💋. When you’re robbed, being too chic is not an option🙅🙅🙅 lol. At least you got some of your stuff back, right👛. Err’thing happens for a reason👌😙



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