African Star Apple

Hello guys,

This is my first blog post for the year 2017 and I’m so excited. I hope God helps me to be consistent and also to post more useful and creative contents, amen. Hmmm, I know most of you are not happy that the holiday is over but want can we do, we still have the memories in our heads and they are held dearly in our hearts. My own holiday has just started, hmm.

I’m gonna share a little story with y’all. I won’t really call it a story but it was something to write home about. During the holidays, I spent most of my time at home gazing at the African star apple opposite our compound. It was frustrating cause all I could do was look at it and wait for a miracle to happen.

I know most of you will be wondering what an African Star Apple is, well, it is popularly known as Cherry here in Nigeria.

Local Names: We the Igbos call it Udara while the Yorubas call it Agbalumo

Botanical Name: Chrysophyllum albidum (who CaReS)

Attributes: Its sticky body and sour taste doesn’t bother me from consuming every part of it, literally every part. From the milky juice, to the delicious flesh on the seed, the reddish inner parts, the reddish-brown seeds and the head. Every part of it has its own use to me; I suck out the whitish juice, eat the reddish part, the flesh at the top/head and the back to form gum or like we call it, chewing gum and the seed as local earrings (adornments).


  • It has low calories
  • It helps for weight loss
  • It is a superb snack
  • It is rich in vitamin
  • It helps solve different health problems ranging from Cancer to Yellow fever, Diabetics, etc.

Literally, everyday,  I seat on the balcony and wonder, how can humans be so wicked, see this fruit is sitting on the branches of this tree wasting meanwhile I and my brothers including my cousins seat and wait for God to send some spirituals angels to pluck some for us. The painful part was that all of the fruits I had, all of them, I mean each and every one of them tasted sweet, delicious and (add another word for me). Chaii… you and your entire family cannot finish the whole Udara on this tree and yet you won’t let anyone pluck from it (brother, you lie…LOL) It is me, I must have up to 50 before I leave this village, LOL.

Me being the eldest, orders the younger ones to sneak in to our unknown neighbors compound and pick the ones that had fallen off the tree and if possible pluck some more. It was like a mission, I’ll call it “Operation take it by force”.   The unfortunate thing was, they never made it out with more than three fruits. It was not pleasing but anyhow, having some of the fruits is better than having none. One of my many cousins had a way of making the Udara sweet (he said to rub it severally on a wall)… LOL, I used to have a way too but I’m starting to understand that it doesn’t actually work… LOL, it was just a childish belief. If the fruit is sweet, ehmm, if it is not ehmm. There’s no magic behind it.

In conclusion, you’d agree with me that Agbalumo is an exotic fruit, I just recalled all the scary stories I heard about the Udara tree when I was much younger, it was funny and scary. It’s my best fruit during  the Christmas/New year season (nov-march). I also know that many dislike the fruit because of its sticky-ish nature and sour taste but babe when you taste the sweet one, you’ll know the real deal.

Yay or Nay to the fruit?




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