My Christmas Wish List

Let the bells start the jingle dance…….    “All I want for Christmas are theseeeee, theseeee babbbyy” insert chipmunk’s singing voice***Listening to “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey

So it’s all about Christmas now therefore i’ll start by saying being a student isn’t easy since I have other priorities to meet up with, as well as so many other things to spend my little money on.This year didn’t start with me being a blogger but it surely ended with me being one. Being a blogger has really made me happy and I love it so much. Though, this means more money is needed so that my “blogging needs” can be met. Now, that’s the reason I have decided to share my Wish List with y’all.

If there’s a reason that made me love Christmas and wait in anticipation for it to come, it’s the many gifts I wait to receive from families and friends. Who doesn’t love that? Well I do. I don’t really do this but this year I decided to draw a list of the things I would love to receive as gifts from the people I love and those who love me. I believe most people have something they want this Christmas and it isn’t cray that I’m part of the crew. We all want something, so here’s a list of what’s on my Wish List.

  • Nikon D610 camera


Better Camera, Better Outcome

  • A New Hp Laptop

hp-laptop-2133.jpg The present one is really old and outdated. It gives me  a whole lot of headache and malaria so I need to upgrade to something headache and malaria free.

  • An iPhone7 and a Goatcase

Even if i get an iPhone6, I’ll be grateful to God…lol. Goatcase- a new anti-gravity phone case that sticks to any surface (isn’t that cool?), I could take selfies without holding my phone, simply stick it to a surface.’coooool


  • A Girly Headphone

31e55c0761d6cfd49d74ab4d00a4c77f.jpg Cause I’m a music lover. It’s an accessory that adds more colour and beauty to your outfit.

  • A black and white mug

People own mugs to drink tea and coffee, I own mine to decorate my table and add to my collection of mugs. Geez… I ‘m cray! lol

  • 2017 planner and diary

th-1 For the sake of writing all the blah blah blahs in my head for future use.

  • #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

62478-0-detailAs a Boss Girl that I am, I really want to get this book to feed my eyes, soul and mind.

  • Pocket Notebooks

marble2cI love writing yes but i keep a collection of really pretty pocket books that catch my attention.


This note reminds me of Pretty Little Liars

  • Miss Dior Perfume

Everyone should smell nice. I just love perfumes which means I really want this one. If you don’t know how to use perfumes, body sprays or fragrances, please learn to, it’s not optional but mandatory.

  • Knee high ladies shoe

These shoes are so damn beautiful. For the sake of me being a shoe lover, I’m totally into this new trend of knee high shoes or boots.

  • Polaroid Camera


Instax mini 8, this is a small pocket camera that prints out images immediately they are taken. Road trip vibes.

All these are on my Christmas Wish List for 2016.

Do you have a Christmas Wish List? If yes, share with me.

Until then XoXo


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