Once upon a time

Mum: Ada, as you’re leaving for school, stay away from boys, they are no good. You know what your father told you, be very careful and don’t let any stupid boy deceive you.

Ada: Mummy, I have heard you already, stop repeating it, its getting annoying and boring.

Mum: It’s annoying and boring ehn? Okay, just try nonsense first, I will spell those words on your body.

Ada: Yes ma *sarcastically*

Ada goes to school, after 5 weeks of adhering to her parents advice, she sees a fine boy and then crushes on him. He notices her and decides to try his luck.

She tries to play hard, but later succumbs to his sweet words. Ada now has a Boyfriend!

Story Ends!

In most Nigerian families, there’s always a time when our parents, guardians and family membersย  decides to bombard us with different reasons not to date at our teenage age. We try to be obedient but later fall victims of disobedience. We want to explore the feeling, we want to have a taste of it.

Being in a relationship is seen as a taboo in the eyes of the elderly but for the young teens, we find it pleasurable and a normal thing. 75โ„… of teens who are thought to be obedient and holy are actually not. They tend to do this in secret in other to be thought well of. No one wants to be caught in the act. Some do this carefully others are reckless with the feeling.

I don’t see it as much of a problem if a teen decides to get into a relationship today. After all there are healthy and unhealthy relationships. All advice and warnings against it fall on deaf ears. Therefore, parents and guardians should try to teach the young ones on how to control their feelings and also, get to know who they’re are in a relationship with in other to attain full evaluation of this person so as to protect the youngster. This is another way to protect the teenagers from falling victims of circumstances instead of trying to stop them and later failing.

Everyone has an opinion on such delicate matters, I understand fully well why most parents wouldn’t let their young teens get into a relationship. Not everyone can handle it.

In conclusion, for the teens, before you start thinking of relationships, try and focus on your studies because at this age and time, education is our number one priority and every other thing follows suit. For the guardians, try as much as possible to get to know your kid and be a close friend to him/her. Only then would you know their strengths and weaknesses so as to give you a major hand on such delicate matters and also, to prevent your wards/kids from keeping such matters secret from you. I have spoken from my own prospect.

Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment box. Every opinion matters.


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