Merry Spirit in the Air- Dec


Its December 1st already. You’d agree with me that this year ran fast and I’m sure it was because of “Buhari” *laughs*. This year came with a lot of packages and surprises, some of them good while others bad. With all of it, we’re here today with a thankful heart that we made it thus far. Whatever took place in the latter times was for a reason, a reason best know to God.

This is going to be my first Christmas organization alone. I’m really not feeling the Christmas spirit but I sure am looking forward to the new clothes, shoes, accessories, travels, food, drinks, fireworks and the other goodies attached to it. I hope the feeling catches up with me soon.

How’s your Christmas going to be like? I’m sure most of you are already planning the number of Christmas parties and church Xmas programs you’re gonna attend. Just remember to invite me for them so that I can certify the feeling and behold its beauty and sweet rhythms too.

Thinking of the different colors of Xmas lights that’s going to be hung at the exteriors of different buildings, the little Father Christmas standing in front of the stores and eateries, the Christmas tree I’ve always wanted to have in my house for Xmas buh never had, the different Xmas inspired T.V programs, the visitation and exchanging of gifts with families and friends and the sound of Xmas music and the Theme, it low-key gives me a soft strong feeling… Ion know if you get what I mean buh I mean what I mean.

This Xmas is going to be one of it’s kind. We just witnessed the first day of December, the last day will tell the tale.

Happy New Month to y’all. Stay blessed.


Till you read again, I’m forever ‘Lilian, with a lil bit of spice ‘Ada.


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