About My YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel – Lilian Ada

First video – 20 June, 2016.

Inspiration: The love of talking, educating, entertaining and motivating. Watching other youtuber’s and then being moved to do something. Watching T.v, seeing the way presenters entertain their audience moves me. I see it as a starting point to being something great and doing inspiring yet breath-taking things. It isn’t just about talking, also singing, DIY’s, interviewing and so many more.

Starting my YouTube Channel wasn’t hard but keeping up with it was. Each week I had to remind myself that this is something I enjoy doing, this is going to take me somewhere one day so I have to keep up with it.

It wasn’t and isn’t easy coming up with topics, it wasn’t and isn’t easy sitting in front of a camera to speak and knowing that after it is being uploaded people are going to view it. It wasn’t and isn’t easy to memorize everything to say. It isn’t an easy job. Some people think that its easy, some think its a waste of time, some think that it’s an “over sabi sabi” work, lol. All the same, it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Resources are limited but that doesn’t mean i should stop. I just remind myself that all these are stumbling block that you must face. Also, every great person today has a story to tell. My present and past circumstances will  not hold me down, I just have to rise up when I fall. I don’t really look up to anyone, I strive to be a limited edition, someone people have never heard of. One day you’ll hear and read my story… I tell you, “one day”.

“A young teen who uses this medium as a key to other teens around the world. She argues describe and exposes us to the world of teens.” The description on my YouTube channel.

I always remember that God is my biggest motivation and inspiration. I know he keeps me moving so therefore I will not stop.

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