Lilian Chiagozie Okeke Ada

These are my names listed above. I am a 16 year old teen. I just concluded my secondary education and I’m waiting for admission into a refined University here in Nigeria. I am the first and only girl of four children. I live with my dad and my siblings. 

  • Things I love/my hobbies😍: Fashion, Romance novels, Expressing my feelings, Visiting new places, Eating, Singing, Taking pictures, Trying out new stuff, Hanging out with my besties, Being with my bae, Cooking, Sleeping, Making use of my Phone and Laptop and Making stuff.
  • Things I hate🙅: Not being able to express myself, Doing chores, Lies, Being bored, Being stressed, Seeing blood and Taking exams.

Why I started Blogging🙆: I started blogging because I want to use this medium to reach out to teenagers on teen issues. A place to express myself, a place for me to share my ideas and achievements. Blogging is a means for me to meet new people, share ideas, educate and entertain my age grades and even those above.

This blog is a route to my YouTube channel. Putting into writing what has been said on my Channel so as to engage in reasonable and sometimes unreasonable conversations with my audience.

Being a teenager isn’t easy, not everyone understands you. They think you to be immature but expect you to act maturely. It is quite stressful but yet fun filled👥.

There are so many things to know and learn as humans, therefore, from my own view and understanding I will explore different parts of life with you. They include:

  • Fashion
  • Moral life
  • Finances
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Photography

And so many more. Its just about exploration!👌

Follow me on my other Social media accounts:

  • Instagram: Lilian_Ada
  • Twitter: Lilian_ada_
  • Pintrest: Stargazerlily01
  • Facebook: Lilian Ada
  • YouTube: Lilian Ada

Let’s get started!



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